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Pictures for Islamic Relief’s Water and Wells Project

Late last November I received a call from Zaid and Sallah from Islamic Relief asking whether or not I would be interested in taking on a small project. They were looking for a couple pictures for the new Water and Wells Project. We bounced ideas back and forth over then phone and eventually met up to take the pictures. Based on their original vision for one of the pictures, I asked them to bring dirt, finger paint, coffee, news papers and some other paraphernalia to help make a pristine washroom look repulsive (Good thing Zaid volunteered to clean up!).

I would like to thank both Zaid and Sallah for seeking me out for this project, I am truly honored to be a part of it. Also special thanks to Sheba from for helping me with the set up.

The first 2 images are the ones selected for the project and the final 2 are what will be displayed.


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