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Areej and Ghazanfar’s Wedding

I’ve been in my lair editing nonstop this weekend so I’m excited that I can share some of my work with you. This is day one of a two day gig. On this day, I was able to mess around with an off camera flash and it yielded some interesting results. Areej and Ghazanfer were […]

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Rubeka and Saad’s Walima

I was slightly disappointed when I learned that the bulk of Saad’s wedding festivities were taking place in the US. However, he made all the bad feels go away by asking me to cover his walima. Without a doubt, I have much more fun taking pictures at a wedding then simply attending it. The carefree vibe, two […]

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Nilofer & Jawad’s Photoshoot

You may recognize Nilofer and Jawad from a post a couple of months ago. I am genuinely happy that I was able to work with them again. They’re always grinning and ready to try out one of my odd ideas. Couldn’t have asked for a better couple. I hope you like what you see.   […]

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Maleeha and Akif’s E-Shoot

On a particular day of September 2003 I hastily got out of my dad’s car and ran for the 6:50am GO train at Cooksville. Unfortunately I reached the platform as the train pulled away. This was not good as it was my first day of university. In an effort to distract myself from the worst case scenarios playing in […]

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